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Refund Policy

In case you have paid the admission charges and gets the confirmation email and notice from the college for the same and still you are not sure about to go with it, then You can call our billing and admission department by dialling our phone number +91- 9471697502. And let us the reason for the admission cancellation, course change and others. You have a money back guarantee which means if You are not sure about the admission decision, course you selected or any other, our billing team will help you with the same and will try to get your course changed or get you the full refund if the admission chart is not prepared. In case – if the admission chart is prepared and you still want to cancel it then you have to visit the admission office physically and request the same to administration team by a written application along with the applicable forms available for the same.

A refund request will normally not be accepted unless there are convincing reasons justifying a refund.
During this period, “MAGADH MAHAVIDYALYA Chandi, Nalanda.” will usually require a Candidate to provide a satisfactory explanation as to why a refund is merited and why the request was not made earlier. “MAGADH MAHAVIDYALYA Chandi, Nalanda.” will refer the request to the administration department before determining whether a refund should be granted.

A course cancellation during this period “MAGADH MAHAVIDYALYA Chandi, Nalanda.” may still consider the validity of refund claims up to a period of 7 days from the date of online admission mad and the final admission chart is not prepared and may issue a refund at its absolute deliration.

After 7 days purchase is deemed to be final. After a period of more than 7 days since the date of online admission, the transaction will be regarded as final. “MAGADH MAHAVIDYALYA Chandi, Nalanda.” will normally decline to grant a refund, except in special circumstances. It will however pass act dispute or request information on to the relevant admission course as per the university guidelines.






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